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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 28, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking news. explosions and gunfire in kabul this morning as the taliban launches a coordinated attack on three locations in the city
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including a u.n. facility. at least a dozen people are dead including one american. >> this is a totally senseless thing that's happened here. it's an outrage and it's a tragedy. >> 19 american soldiers have died in afghanistan since monday. we'll ask senator john mccain about strategy for the war. stormy weather from coast to coast. the east soaked by rain snow in the midwest, and massive storms bombard with heavy wind. >> it's getting close to halloween. this is awesome. the father of sarah palin's grandson is here with some stunning allegations about the former alaska governor. >> this time you know we're going to take the gloves off, i'm going to tell a little bit of something. >> part one of an exclusive sit-down. plus andre agassi's stunning confession about crystal meth. early this wednesday morning, october 28th, 2009.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning, i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. >> good morning. >> good morning. so there's a lot of weather outside. >> yeah. it is a very sloppy morning across the country. let's talk about it. good morning, we're dealing with rain in the northeast, everyone, and windy conditions. that's going to be complicated through the rest of the day. that's the problem in the northeast. southeast has some rain showers still after a rainy day yesterday in parts of the region. now out to the rockies and the foothills where a major storm is brewing. the denver area you're going to see heavy precipitation. this is a live picture right now as the storm just begins to kick on up. and again, as you head to the mountains, you're going to see some significant accumulation early on in the season. west coast, high winds, heavy winds rolling through.
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still out there today, somewhat diminished, that is a quick look at your weather picture, everyone. much more ahead in a couple of minutes. right now, over to you for more of the headlines. and we do have breaking news to report out of afghanistan where a deadly coordinated attack on the capital is once again raising serious questions this morning about our involvement in that part of the world. 12 people were killed as taliban militants launched three separate attacks. cbs correspondent mandy clark with the latest. >> reporter: gunmen with suicide vests stormed a guest house. the sound of automatic gunfire and grenades rang out on the streets of kabul. some guests managed to escape the building during the two-hour assault, others jumped from upper floors as the flames engulfed the building. rockets were also fired at the foreign-owned hotel forcing 100 guests into an underground bunker. the taliban has claimed
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responsibility for the coordinated attacks on the capital. >> this is a totally senseless thing that's happened here. it's an outrage, and it's a tragedy. >> reporter: the taliban says this attack is part of their campaign of violence ahead of the run-off election. and as promised more brazen attacks on foreign interests ahead of the vote. as american forces mark their deadliest month in the eight-year war with 55 troops killed in action. today's attacks shows just how dangerous it can be in afghanistan's rugged terrain and unforgiving city streets. mandy clark, cbs news kabul. and there was a stunning new report this morning claiming that the brother of afghan president hamid karzai is in on the cia payroll. senior white house correspondent bill plante has more on that this morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. ahmed karzai has been a poster boy for corruption in afghanistan. but now the "new york times" is
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reporting for that much of the past eight years, he's been on the cia payroll getting money from the cia. the u.s. has a prickly relationship with the afghanistan president karzai but openly critical of his brother, ahmed wali karzai. the new report says the cia pays ahmed karzai on a regular basis for a number of services including helping to recruit a para military force that operates at the cia's direction. >> the timing of this revolution couldn't have been worse, i think, for the obama administration. it undercuts the legitimacy of any argument we were making about the corruption of the karzai regime. >> the report comes on the heels of a high-profile resignation. matthew ho was a marine captain and then a civilian for the state department and now the first u.s. official to resign in protest against the war. >> basically i feel that our strategies in afghanistan are
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not pursuing goals that are worthy of sacrificing our young men and women. we're spending the billions we're doing there. >> reporter: as president obama considers whether to add as many as 40,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan, he says the u.s. military presence is the problem. >> the people we are fighting there are fighting us because we're occupying them not for any ideological reasons. >> reporter: richard holbrook and other officials respected much of ho's argument even while disagreeing with his decision but they couldn't persuade him to stay. harry? >> thank you. joining us from washington is republican senator john mccain. senator, good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> it only gets more and more complicated over there as the days tick off. this report this morning from the "times" that hamid karzai's brother was widely believed to be tied up in drug trafficking in southern afghanistan has been on the cia payroll and partly responsible for a private army in afghanistan.
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can you comment on that? >> well, i'd heard that rumor before. i think it's wrong. it's wrong of the cia to do it and i'm sure our military commanders there would disagree with it. so it shows perhaps a lack of coordination between the agency and general mcchrystal and the military there, as well as i don't know what the embassy knew. it's wrong. karzai's brother should not be in the country. >> this other revelation yesterday. you have matthew ho who is a former marine captain who served with honor in iraq knows something about nation building from working on the ground there. and he comes back from afghanistan and says i believe the people who are fighting there are fighting because we're occupying them not for ideological reasons. when you hear someone with that kind of experience speak in that way, does it give us pause about
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what our strategy should be on the ground? >> well i have great respect for mr. ho's background and his service to the country. i also listen to a lot of people who serve over there and overwhelmingly, the military establishment and those who have had the experience of our success in iraq know that the people there don't want the taliban back certainly that's not the case. and they want an environment of security. and we watch this situation continue to deteriorate while this long protracted process of decision making goes on. we're not operating in a vacuum. the president of the united states needs to make this decision and soon. our allies are nervous and our military leadership is becoming frustrated. >> the number of troops there has ramped up to around 68,000 now. we have varying reports about
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how many troops may ultimately be sent. is it more important to get the strategy right or the number of troops right? >> the strategy is right. the strategy has been reviewed time and time again since march when the president announced his support for it. the strategy is there. and everybody knows that the troop number is around 40,000. so there is not reason for further delay. look, i've been either part of or observed these decision making processes in the past. yes, it's a heavy responsibility. but to drag that responsibility out and that process out is not helpful to our effort. and as general mcchrystal warned us months ago, the situation is deteriorating. we have 68,000 over there as you know. they are in harm's way. we just had the heaviest casualty month in our involvement in the war. it's time to act.
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>> very very quickly. secretary of state clinton in pakistan today in peshawar an explosion, dozens and dozens of people killed. is it possible to -- for the united states to have sway in that country and to convince the pakistanis that it's in their interest to crack down even further on the taliban there? >> well the pakistanis are doing much better. you might remember just six months ago, some predicted the government would collapse. they have 30,000 -- pakistanis have 30,000 troops inwaziristan now, they are much more effective. this is a long difficult process. but i would remind you again that pakistan is a nuclear armed country. and with a nuclear arsenal we certainly can't afford to see the collapse of pakistan either. >> senator mccain, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you, harry. >> take care.
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all right. it's so complicated. all of these things fit together in not necessarily in a particular order that's for sure. >> right. jeff glor is in for russ mitchell at the news desk this morning. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the faa has taken away the licenses of the two northwest airline pilots who flew past their destination. in a letter to the crew the faa said you engaged in conduct that put your passengers and your crew in serious jeopardy. you were on a frolic of your own. this is a total dereliction and disregard for your duties. the crew said they were working on their laptops. they have ten days to appeal now. if that fails, they can reapply for a new license after one year. california commuters are facing long delays this morning because of the san francisco oakland bay bridge is closed again. a rod and a metal brace installed last month fell on to the westbound lanes yesterday and hit two cars with debris.
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extreme weather in los angeles, strong winds brought down trees and power lines there. a tree crashed into a church and a house yesterday. nearly 40,000 customers lost power and some flights were delayed at l.a.x. those high winds took out power at the "late late show" with craig ferguson. >> it's awesome, kind of like one of these movies that make a million dollars. >> how good is craig? just the reaction, something happens. >> right. because that tape that early. they could have waited it out and done it like a clean show be i'm glad they chose to work with it. so much more fun. >> although after russ mitchell did his stand-up i think he could've done just as good of a job. just a mention. folks, a lot going on in the weather maps right now. right to business. let's walk on over to the weather board -- that comes up
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in the 8:00 hour and it might be something to stick around for. let's head on over
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>> that's a quick look at your weather picture. a lot of people asking world series going to happen tonight? it is probably going to be raining. they're going to push it through, i think, and it's going to happen. >> you heard it here first, thanks, dave. coming up. game set, crystal meth? andre agassi's big confession. and michael jackson's concert film is finally out. what fans are saying about it and we'll take you to the premiere.
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it is now 7:17. welcome back everyone. a stunning admission this morning from retired tennis star andre agassi. in his new autobiography he admit he is covered up a serious drug problem that could've ruined his career. whit johnson has the story. >> reporter: in a career andre agassi won eight grand slam singles tournament. tennis magazine named him the seventh greatest male player of the modern era. but in 1997 he slumped to 141 in the rankings and he now confesses he was having serious doubts about his upcoming marriage to brooke shields. in a tell-all book to be released november 9th, agassi relates he was at home one day in '97 when his assistant
7:19 am
suggested they get high. agassi writes "as if they're coming out of someone else's mouth, i hear these words. you know what blank it yeah let's get high." flynn's drug of choice crystal meth. i never felt so alive, so hopeful, such energy. but that energy didn't translate to agassi's game. later in the year he dropped out of the french open and never even practiced for wimbledon, then came the disastrous news that agassi had failed a drug test. my name my career, everything is now on the line. agassi's solution to blame it all on slim. he wrote a letter to tennis officials say that slim regularly added crystal meth to his soda. recently i drank accidentally from one of slim's spiked sodas. i asked for understanding and leniency. the investigating officials bought the lie and threw out the case. whit johnson, cbs news, washington.
7:20 am
well it has been talked about for months michael jackson's final movie. it uses material from jackson's final rehearsals for a series of concerts that never happened. cbs news correspondent ben tracy was at last night's big premiere in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. you know there was a red carpet full of celebrities there last night to see what michael jackson had planned for his big comeback. but of course now this movie is serving as his farewell tour. >> we are ready. we are too excited. >> reporter: "this is it," the movie friends and family of michael jackson have been waiting for. the first glimpse of his final moments on stage. >> what would your brother think of all of this tonight? >> he'd be very proud. >> reporter: members of the jackson family and celebrities walked the red carpet for the premiere. >> i learned so much for him about being a consummate professional. >> i think he was a lot of
7:21 am
different styles together. r & b, pop, and rock and also brought theater back into pop music. >> reporter: fans lined up at the cine plex next door. why is everyone so excited? well as any jackson fan might tell you, it's only human nature. >> this movie is being released worldwide in nearly 100 countries on more than 15,000 screens. ♪ beat it ♪ >> everything michael jackson. >> reporter: some critics contend the film is exploitive. but after seeing the film most couldn't help singing jackson's praises. >> had me on the edge of my seat. >> amazing. >> i got to see a side of michael that we never got to see. >> i loved it. it was great, incredible. >> a bittersweet moment because i enjoyed it but also i know in the back of my mind that i won't see my brother again.
7:22 am
>> reporter: now, "this is it" will be in theater for two weeks, but they expect it could become the biggest concert film of all time. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. this portion of "the early show" sponsored by get started at the all new
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that was dark out in the out back there. >> man, this time next week, we'll be on standard time. oh! let's look at the doppler, we have shower activity, well, at least the latest wave starting to exit the area. there's going to be some additional showers pressing our way and the bulk of long term steady rain is coming to an end. the forecast today calling for gray skies into the afternoon and a high in the 60s and 50s thousand. thousand-- 50s now. hi, marty. well, it's been a tough morning on the roadways an we have problems to talk about including an accident on southside outer lupe in providence road. this is locked between the beltway and mesa avenue. in the city, west baltimore street at south warwick at south mlk and the intersection closed because of flooding and
7:27 am
the same for west avenue between 895 and the light rail. watch for flooding on 50 eastbound and white haul road. as far as delays go, all of the typical ones on 95 and 83 and there's the topside, it's jammed 27 on the topside outer lupe. this traffic report is brought to you by exxon. buy a coffee and you'll get a free half liter water. and if you're waiting to get your chance to get the h1n1 vaccine, there's good news this morning. a new shipment is to arrive today. >> good morning, more h1n1 vaccine is heading to maryland, the biggest shipment to date, 70,000 new doses are arriving today. 700 appointments were filled yesterday and many were turned
7:28 am
away because they weren't in the target groups. limited vaccinations will be held today and there's a swine flu clinic tomorrow and if you're wondering about more, go to a city school defaced with racial graffiti -- workers covered up the slurs and later painted over it. the school leaders say they're working with the police departments to find those responsible. up next, levi johnston bares all, talking about his former fiance's family and his appearance in playgirl magazine and the h1n1 svey.
7:29 am
7:30 am
cloudy where we are. welcome back to "the early show." hope you're waking up to nicer weather. coming up people across the country lining up to get their h1n1 flu vaccine.
7:31 am
why have some doctors not recommending the shot to their patients? we asked 100 pediatricians across the country to weigh in. we'll tell you what they said. store brands versus name brands right? you think there's a difference? do you think they taste different? >> in my mind i would think the name brand food has got to taste better. >> we'll have our own taste test to see if we can tell the difference in just a bit. but first, my exclusive interview with levi johnston. he's speaking out for the first time since revealing surprising details about palin in a published tell-all. he is back on the offensive in this he said-she said battle that began shortly after the presidential election. >> reporter: when we first met levi johnston he was the handsome boyfriend of sarah palin's pregnant daughter bristol. a year later, he says he's trying to show the world the real levi. >> was that somebody that was concocted for the media sake? for public perception?
7:32 am
>> yeah. i was kind of there for show i think. >> you were just going along with it? >> yeah. >> reporter: after the republicans lost the election levi and bristol broke up. she had his baby but the palins shut him out of their lives. one side accusing the other of lying. >> i was kind of protecting sarah palin. and she started coming out with these sayings and saying things about me. it's just kind of like all right it's time -- we're going to take the gloves off. i'm going to tell a little bit of something. >> reporter: and he told a lot. in a first person expose in this month's "vanity fair." >> tell me some of the things you revealed that you think people found surprising about sarah palin. >> i think the biggest hit we've had, people really look on is when she called her kid retarded. i've got a lot of people talking about that. >> levi said sarah palin repeatedly joked about her son trig having down syndrome.
7:33 am
>> when would she say that? >> coming home from work and she'd be like where's my retarded baby? all of this. it wasn't right. i would never say anything to her, but at the same time we were all just kind of like -- >> can you understand why that's really hard to believe that a mother would say that? >> it is hard to believe, yeah. but i couldn't tell you -- i have no proof of showing you it's true but i know it is. i was just in shock for the first time i heard it. and she'd say it regularly and i was like you know i think she was joking. but still, you know it doesn't make it right. >> on the trail, we saw her just love and kiss and all about that baby. >> she was excited. everyone was excited. i think bristol was the one taking care of it a lot more than she was. >> in what way? >> playing the mom role. bristol was always there taking care of it. >> you said that in "vanity
7:34 am
fair" that sarah palin had everyone doing everything for her. >> todd was out doing his thing, snow machine and what not, so there was very minimal parenting in that house. bristol did what she had to do. >> how were they doing in their marriage? you say they constantly talked about divorce? >> yeah, they talked about it. it was kind of crazy how parents would fight in front of kids about divorce. my parents went through it. i know i was older and my sister you know that really killed my sister, still does. and, you know for them to fight about it. i'm sure it really hurt the kids. i didn't like it. i wasn't even their kid. but i've already went through it because my sister. that's something they should do behind closed doors. >> reporter: sarah palin's spokesperson denied divorce rumors saying the palins remain married, committed to each other and their family. >> why should people believe you versus her? >> i don't know.
7:35 am
they don't really have a reason not to believe me. i've known them since i was little. i've grown up with them i was dating bristol for a couple of years now. i was like family in that house. >> they were saying things because they thought they could trust you and they thought you were part of the family. do you feel you've betrayed them for airing this dirty laundry? >> that might be true but at the same time they threw me out there and that came out that sarah didn't really like me i knew todd didn't like me. they were kind of betraying me at the same time back stabbing me putting on a front to me to make sarah look good at the convention and everything else. so i really don't care anymore. >> are you hurt by all of this? >> i was, yeah. now it's kind of like all right, well -- now it's my turn. >> what do you mean by that? >> well, in "vanity fair," i told a little bit of stuff. i'm not going to take it
7:36 am
anymore. >> but you really sound like somebody who is dead set on hurting these people the way they hurt you. >> i'm not really in it to hurt them now. >> that's what it sounds like. bent on revenge and getting even now. it's my turn. >> well that's part of it i guess. but at the same time you know if she's going to go out there and say stuff about me i'm going to leak some things on her. that's just how it is. >> are you going to continue saying things? could you say more that you haven't said? >> there are some things that i have that are huge. and i haven't said them because i'm not going to hurt her that way. >> so you draw the line somewhere? >> yeah. i have things that would get her in@(rouble and could hurt her, will hurt her, but i'm not going to go that far. if i really wanted to hurt her, i could very easily but i'm not going to do it. i'm not going that far. >> things that could get her in trouble as far as what?
7:37 am
>> just things she has done while she was governor. >> that are illegal? >> i'm just not going to talk about them. >> but are they illegal or immoral? or unethical? so why do you draw the line? why are some things okay and others not okay? >> you know because a lot of things i said weren't that huge. those are just little things i put in "vanity fair." all the big things i got i'm keeping it in. it's just something that probably will never come out. >> has bristol talked to you since you said all that stuff in "vanity fair"? >> yeah we've talked. we don't talk like -- hey, how's the baby doing. can i come pick him up that kind of thing. >> and she never brought up the "vanity fair?" >> no. i'm sure sarah's got something
7:38 am
planned, she said don't say anything to him. i'm sure she has something coming for me. >> what do you think? >> she probably put a few things in the book. i'm not worried. i never had done anything bad. i don't have anything to hide. she can go on and say what she wants. >> levi says he has nothing to hide. is that also true of his upcoming shoot for "playgirl" magazine? i asked him that. >> why did you decide to do it? >> we're going to do it tastefully and i'm not just going to go out there and just get naked. >> you're not? >> hear how he answers that question and much more as we continue our exclusive interview tomorrow morning. and coming up this morning, an amazing picture from "national geographic." we'll tell you what this is all about here on "the early show" on cbs. me. ( dog barks ) shed a little light.
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7:42 am
>> i may be one day. here's the deal everyone questions from all around the studio. will the game get in tonight? >> right. >> so i think it will. keep in mind we have an all day soaker along the east coast. breezy conditions, light rain and drizzle, 50 degrees, should be about the high temperature today. do you like that? as we head to -- first of all the -- >> three strikes and your out? >> no i think they're going to try to push this in. unless we see some heavier rain you are going to see 1/2 an inch to an inch of rain today, lighter precip tonight and they'll get the game in. it is going to be windy, though keep that in mind. let's widen out. we've got major activity in the rockies right now. heavy snow rolling through there and the western foothills. and by the way, that's going to advance towards the east. watch it in nebraska and as you head into the dakotas, thunderstorms and snow rolling in tomorrow. this is a 36-hour event. high winds continue along the west coast less intense than they were yesterday. but still, anywhere from 25 to
7:43 am
35 miles per hour. so we'll watch it. that's a quick look at our national maps. a lot going on across the country and airport delays going to be >> and that's a quick look at your weather picture at 42 minutes past the hour. >> never mind the world series my daughter's soccer game at 3:00, is that a go? >> that is definitely a go. you just show up. >> thank you. so you've got to see this picture in "national geographic" this morning. it's amazing.
7:44 am
it's from this chimpanzee reserve. and the chimp that's in the wheel barrel is about 40 years old, right. has passed away. now the other side of the little wire fence there is the entire chimpanzee colony observing, right? >> you're always struck by how close they are to us in emotion. you look at them and they're as or gorillas as they may be but you see pictures like that and it looks like a viewing at a funeral. >> and what was incredible was that the folks who spent time with these chimps said they were amazed even at that outpouring of emotion. >> very sweet. up next, the h1n1 flu vaccine. why some doctors say they won't recommend it. the results of a survey we did when we come back. (announcer) febreze introduces the new flameless luminary it has authentic
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in this morning's flu watch, the cdc reports more than 22 million doses of the h1n1 vaccine are currently available, but despite high demand and long lines, some doctors still on the fence about recommending the h1n1 flu shot to their parents. our own dr. jennifer ashton is here with more on that. so we ran a little sort of very informal let's see what some people think. called about 100 doctors, pediatricians. >> that's right. >> what did we find? >> 91% say they would recommend the h1n1 vaccines to their patients 9% said they would not. compared to a normal flu season on the patient end, about 35% of the u.s. population and any given year normally receives a seasonal flu shot. this year a cbs poll revealed that about 50% of people --
7:49 am
>> are getting the -- >> no want to get the h1n1 vaccine. so the demand this year is higher and any time the demand is higher and, of course, we're seeing a little bit of a short supply there's a relative imbalance. >> there's a famous line in a movie. in "marathon man." is it safe? is it safe? >> in medicine harry, we can never say with 100% certainty that anything is safe. there's always risks and we're talking about the h1n1 vaccine here. you have to balance proposed risks versus proposed benefits and the risks of this virus, we know is particularly high for younger people including children. the risks of the vaccine, which you can never say are zero as all government health officials and scientists have told us are so low, they are unmeasurable. >> unmeasurable. >> can't say zero but unmeasurably low. >> thanks so much. we're going to be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:50 am
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the right thing to do.
7:55 am
we have a low ceiling here on tv hill. and we'll let you know about traffic after the weather. let's look at the doppler
7:56 am
weather radar. we're seeing scattered activity. i'm not going to call the all clear on the rain, but as far as hours of steady rain like overnight, look at the forecast, that's gone. and i think by, maybe by 11:00, we'll have cloudy skies staying with us throughout the afternoon and with a 64-degree high and temperatures in the 50s. now, over to sharon gibala. hi, good morning, everyone. we're looking at problems on the area roadways and we have a new accident on southbound 170 at reese road. and a new one at willow glenn and west baltimore and west almost bard -- we're looking at this -- flooding is also an
7:57 am
issue between cape san road. watch for a downed tree blocking the trees of the joan's station road and 95 southbound is slow and 75, southbound, slow in the usual spots. slow on the topside. this is brought to you by jhcc. learn more at hopkins >> in the news, pretty soon, thousands more marylanders should get their h1n1 vaccination. the new shipment is arriving today. >> reporter: don, more h1n1 vaccine is heading to maryland and 70,000 new doses are expected to arrive today. earlier this week in anne arundel county, 1700 appointments were filled in hours and many were turned away.
7:58 am
limited vaccinations will continue in howard county. if you're wondering where a clinic is near you, go to don? >> the worst medevac crash in maryland history was preventable. stay with us, store versus brand.
7:59 am
boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard.
8:00 am
gecko: ah, gecko actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. as terror attacks rock the regions, secretary of state hillary clinton heads to pakistan and pledges a fresh start. >> i want you to know that this fight is not pakistan's alone. >> we'll bring you the very
8:01 am
latest on what she's hoping to accomplish. we dare to compare store brands versus national brands. do they taste as good? and can you even tell the difference? we'll show you how making the right choice could cut your grocery bill down a lot. and dave pays the ultimate price for "the early show." >> and now this is where -- now what happens here? >> this is where i beat you. >> okay. >> dave gets his name in lights on "csi:miami" early this wednesday morning, october 28th, 2009. a little wet out. >> yeah. >> it is a dark and dreary morning, but our fans are here. so we are here!
8:02 am
i feel bad for them. look at this lady's sign. by the end of the show, we're not going to be able to read it. let's make sure to show it now. thank you. >> very good. any way we can rack up that tape again? i love the scene of you being pummel pummel pummelled. >> wait until you see -- we not only for our name in lights series. we not only rehearsed and learned how to do complex stunts and acting i might add. >> oh yes. >> but in the end, we produced our own mini episode of "csi:miami." you're not going to want to miss this piece of drama. look at this. >> this is where -- >> we kind of like this part. >> this is the part where i beat you, he says. >> look at it. >> name in lights face bashed in. >> uh-huh. >> all right. and we're going to meet a man who is lucky to be alive. he was out surfing and got swept
8:03 am
out to sea. he spent 14 hours and traveled 14 miles battling high waves and cold cold water. we'll meet him in just a bit. but first let's go inside and check in with jeff glor at the news desk. >> can we just watch that dave video one more time? >> in just a few minutes. >> in time. good morning, guys. and good morning, everyone. the taliban launched a string of attacks on the capital of afghanistan this morning. taliban gunmen wearing suicide vests and police uniforms killed nine people including six u.n. workers. an american was among the u.s. casualties. later rocket attacks on the presidential palace in a luxury hotel. hillary clinton's first visit to pakistan as secretary of state is to show support for pakistan's campaign against the taliban and al qaeda. but there was horrific violence in pakistan, as well, this morning. cbs news correspondent wyatt andrews is there. >> reporter: the powerful blast was aimed at a bazaar known as
8:04 am
the women's market a meeting place in the middle of peshawar pakistan's largest northwestern city. secretary clinton had arrived in islamabad hours before and was nowhere near the attack, but the repercussions could effect her visit. terrorist bomb attacks have killed more than 150 pakistanis as militant groups try to retail retaliate retaliate. the result of the violence is rising anti-american sentiment with more people questioning why pakistan is paying the price for an american-led war. >> these attacks on innocent people are cowardly. they are not courageous. they are cowardly. >> the secretary is praising the current pakistani fight against the taliban where previous confrontations resulted in very few losses for the insurgents.
8:05 am
this time clinton says the army is taking them on. wyatt andrews, cbs news islamabad. now we head back outside to dave price for another check of the weather. dave we need to get game one in tonight. >> well we're going to get game one in i think, we are going to have light rain tonight, but they're going to push it. we'll wait and see. but that's t
8:06 am
this weather report sponsored by travelers, insurance, in-sync. >> that's it. >> all right, dave thanks. the battle of the brands store bought versus brand name. we'll put them to the test see if we can save you some money when we come back.
8:07 am
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if food shopping gives you sticker shock, a simple switch could save you lots of money. here to explain is consumer correspondent susan koeppen. >> good morning, harry. saving money can be as simple as buying store brands instead of national brands. how do they compare when it comes to taste and quality? we put some popular products to the test. >> reporter: it's nodt hard for grocery bills to add up. taking a huge chunk out of the family budget. but you can cut those bills significantly as consumer food experts report. >> you can save upwards of 35% on average by switching from a national brand to the store brand counter part. >> saving money with store brands may sound good but will making the switch taste good?
8:11 am
>> we got together with two families from pittsburgh. both families say they prefer brand names. >> i have like this loyalty or i just trust the national brand because i'm so used to buying it. i'm very wary of buying the store brand. >> reporter: so we took ten brand name foods, everything from ketch-up to cookies and put them up against their store brand counterparts from target. >> i want you to try everything. >> reporter: the families didn't know which food was which as they made their way through peanut butter and cracker and ketch-up and chicken nuggets, they had to decide between a, b, or if they tasted the same. >> has anybody double dipped? >> i was so convinced i would know the difference. >> reporter: after juice and chips and popcorn, it was time for the results. >> marshmellow treats, who liked a? nobody. who liked b? everybody went for b? you liked store brand better.
8:12 am
>> reporter: the store brand also was the winner when it came to the cereal. >> it tasted crunchier and fresher. overall just had a better freshness to it. >> reporter: the brand name chips and chicken nugtss were a winner but for many items like the peanut butter -- >> i thought it was the same. >> reporter: and the popcorn. >> they taste it had same. >> reporter: it was hard to tell the difference. >> i'll tell you from doing this, there's some things that i would be okay with. >> reporter: they now say the look of their shopping carts and grocery bills will be changing. >> the overall sentiment was very tough at the end of the day. it was really hard to find a clear cut winner. so i'm going to go with price. >> reporter: and one out of every five products sold in supermarkets now is a store brand. that amounts to $65 billion a year harry. >> so we're going to taste some stuff? >> yeah you're going to start
8:13 am
eating some stuff. i'm going to talk about price, potato chips, the national brand's $3.59 compared to $1.99. do you have a favorite? >> i have to confess, i've been eating this for the last five minutes. >> so you like the national brand a little bit better? >> yeah. >> most of the people in our test liked the national brand, as well. >> the brand name versus the national -- >> they liked the brand name. >> right. okay. all right. i couldn't tell the difference. >> i couldn't either. but i think i actually like the store brand better. this is the store brand, right? $1.49 compared to $1.09. >> you buy popcorn over a year, you're talking about some bucks there. >> did you pick a favorite? >> i'm not sure -- i am a huge fan of mini wheats. and i'm not sure i could tell the difference. >> i pick the store brand when i tried it. we're talking $3.09 compared to $2.49. >> that's significant.
8:14 am
that's really significant. and if you ran your test on your family -- >> would they know the difference? >> it would be a fun thing to do, right? >> also with most of the store brands if you don't like it they'll give you your money back. most of the stores stand behind their products. >> susan koeppen, thanks so much. for more on store brand versus brand names, go to our website up next dave like you've never seen him before. complete with a morning show mystery. when we come back.
8:15 am
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8:16 am
sounds like a cheesy game show but it's really fun series. and today it is dave's turn. yesterday we saw russ do an amazing job at stand-up comedy. now we'll find out what dave did. russ had us in stitches and dave wound up needing stitches.
8:17 am
>> wait until you see this. we were invited to the set of csi:miami to find out what it means to be a great stunts man and great actor. i was taught the tricks of the trade of how to die on television, if i don't do that enough here. anything, anything for the show. >> you know what happens on csi:miami when it's on tv, now we'll show you what happens behind the scenes as justice gets served. >> being a stunt man is not all about air punches and taking dives. i'm going to have the living daylights kicked out of me. the good news is phil who is a great hollywood stunt man is going to be teaching me this. if nothing else i'm going to look good before i die. how do i think i'm going to do at it? i think i'm going to come across
8:18 am
as a sissy girl. yeah. i think that about sums it up, sissy girl. so i'm about to get shot after the fight scene, and this squid in here is going to create a small explosion and blast a hole through the shirt. >> don't do it! >> so that's how it's all done. it takes a second and a half to film the whole thing. but there's so much planning for that one little bit we see on television. and, of course the great acting was -- so i sat down in the make-up chair. >> i'm still fine but i'm starting to feel a little pale. >> and we put on all my injuries and began to make me look dead. >> you know you have a bad nose when they're fixing it with a spatula. >> then we came in here. this is the autopsy room.
8:19 am
>> oh, it's cold. >> if you didn't know better you'd swear you're about to be cut open for an autopsy. >> and now you're dead. >> i guess the high point of the day was the scene i shared with jonathan togo. >> this man is jiggling like jell-o. it's a postmortem seizure. he's a very hairy dead man. >> it was powerful it was emotional. >> i don't know how -- >> i'm bad. >> i killed. i killed. >> i think we can resuscitate him. i might try. >> all right. >> hold back your tears and stop biting your nails. it took a full day for me to learn all of those techniques but the result was our very own episode of "csi:miami," complete with the morning show twist. take a look.
8:20 am
♪ >> who sent you? who sent you? >> hey! >> stand back! come on!
8:21 am
>> who sent you? >> i'm not done with you! >> you think harry did this? why would harry try and kill me? >> well there is that little matter of his lawsuit against you. >> what about russ? he's been doing weather and i think he's trying to take my job. >> he isn't anymore. >> no! no, no! neither of them were trying to kill me. >> then why don't you tell me who did. >> i don't know! i don't know! why would a co-worker try and take down the weather man? why? >> who sent you? what are you doing? don't do it!
8:22 am
>> i've got to tell you the main suspect was harry smith, but we found a hair on the body and that man was super bald. i'll figure it out one way or another. >> a cliff hanger. >> a cliff hanger. >> dave, can i give you something? >> i'm sorry, i was mesmerized by that acting. >> they found a hair, you might want to test this one. >> this is what we were looking for. >> i don't want to incriminate myself. >> that's interesting, it was a female hair so initially all indications were it was jeff glor, but now -- >> oh. >> -- ait appears. >> is that how we treat our guests? >> he's not a guest. he is not a guest. ask we are all in danger because that is the man who has been coming after us.
8:23 am
>> i'm guilty. definitely guilty. >> when do we see csi:connecticut. this is incredible, several people get taken down at a cocktail party. >> i have to say, it was just -- i liked seeing you get beat up but it was disturbing to see you with a bullet. i didn't like that. >> i liked it. >> this is very interesting because people heard about this performance. oscars were contacted, emmies contacted, golden globes and none of those organizations were willing to give you anything for your performance. so i found a troephy in my home. >> look at that. for my
8:24 am
8:25 am
it's a murky morning and we have wet roads. here's the live, first
8:26 am
weather warning radar, we have scattered showers in the area now. overnight, we had a chunk of moisture through the area. i think it's scattered activity for the next two house and then, take a look at the forecast. it's gray and it will be damp feeling throughout the day. 64 is the high and tonight, we'll get into that misty drizzle. it's like a misty low hanging fog and 51, same deal in the morning. and 64 degrees. and now, over to sharon gibala. good morning. and with all of the rain, we have flooding in too many areas to mention all of them. we'll look at the jfx, we have the video of the southbound flooding. that's between northern parkway and cold spring lane. watch for that off ramp, there's flooding there as well. there's a wreck in middle river and ebenezer road and one at
8:27 am
pulaski highway and one in severn and reese load. whitemarsh to boston. and 13 minutes from owings mills boulevard. and the beltway, there's a look at the beltway and drive times 12 miles per hour on the topside. 83, there's the topside and there's the west side and you're looking at a 30 minute commute on the westside outer lupe. the traffic report is brought to you by the cockran firm. back to you. thank you. many are ready to breathe a sigh of relief as more h1n1 vaccines are arriving in maryland. 75,000 are expected today. thousands turned up for clinics throughout the state. limited vaccinations are in howard county. a witness to a fatal hit- and-run had warned the police
8:28 am
about the man driving a truck. he followed the police trying to warn them about the driver but he beliefs that the 911 call was ignored. he believes it's the same truck that struck and killed a student. health insurance myers will -- lawrence myers will more than likely spend the rest of his life in jail. and the owner of the cafe hon says that the pink flamingo is coming back. she'll
8:29 am
8:30 am
boy, it's not pretty out
8:31 am
here this morning. >> move over a little bit. >> why do i have to move over? >> so maggie and i -- >> i can't hear you, there's a storm. >> did you know this was going to happen today? >> of course i did. >> he had no idea. >> as soon as i stepped outside. >> you were so busy acting. >> it's a good thing you trained for another career. >> you know what? i'm a professional actor now, so it wasn't much of a stretch. >> we can see that. >> well we wanted to show you a professional artist named stephen wiltshire, creating this extraordinary panorama of new york city live. and we'll check in with him and see how far he's gotten this morning. and a story of one man's will to survive despite all odds a surfer who refused to give up. wait until you hear his amazing story. plus living a gluten-free life can be very challenging at times, especially to those who suffer from celiac disease. we're going to have great recipes for the millions of
8:32 am
people including my own mom who are allergic to products made with wheat and other grains coming up. but first, we're really hoping the rain will stop by friday because we're planning to have a real booo-tiful time. so if you're in new york -- in new york this weekend, come have some fun friday between 7:00 and 9:00. put on a costume, we're going to have contest, candy, prizes fun, and surprises right here on fifth avenue and 59th street and we're all dressing up. >> i heard the anchors are going to dress up. >> they are. i cannot wait to see what you're going to be. is it a stretch? >> it's going to be fun. >> he won't tell me anything. >> it's going to be fun. >> we're going to go inside. >> you do that. we're fine outside, aren't we? >> you go inside and relax. don't worry about things. folks, we want to say hello to
8:33 am
matthew who is here. so listen to this all right. if billy wins the world series they donate 10 tons of produce to the food bank of new york city. if the yanks take it, all right -- hold on. hold on the director's telling me to hold the umbrella higher while i have a card with a name on it and a microstone and i'm in the middle of having of ten gallons of water per minute dumped down my esophagus. i'm trying. so if the yanks win and that donates 10 tons of food to philadelphia's food bank. how did you come up with the idea matt? >> well i was called by an acquaintance of mine out of philadelphia and i thought it was an absolute no-brainer because phillies will never win the world series. we'll get a nice truck load donated to the food bank of new york. >> i hope you're not headed to philadelphia today or any time in the near future are you? >> i get down there quite often. we have a lot of friends down there. >> a friendly wager it is. who takes game one tonight?
8:34 am
>> is there going to be a game one tonight? >> yes, i think. >> yankees 4-0, i think. >> yankees, 4-0, i don't know let's hear from our friends in
8:35 am
did the dude say that the phillies will never win the world series? they'll be the world champs. okay, take a look at the radar. we have shower activity pressed on and downstream, there's not a lot going on. looking as -- the forecast is on solid gro >> and thanks to all of our friends at food bank in new york city. food bank new york for being here today. such an important cause. harry, back inside to you. >> well done, thanks dave. now to an incredible story of survival. a surfer swept out to sea refuses to give up and rescues
8:36 am
himself. >> reporter: it began last friday in the gulf of mexico. 61-year-old retired coast guard officer john baker iii when suffering in the warm waters at noon. not long into his hunt for the perfect wave baker was swept out to sea by strong currents. using his coast guard training he paddled south into the gulf while battling 4 foot seas. at 10:00 p.m. baker spotted an oil rig some four miles in the distance and headed toward it. it took him four hours, and at 2:00 a.m., he reached the rig and found an unlocked door. and john and geneva baker are with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you safe and sound. >> my pleasure. >> i'll bet. with all of that experience, you're out there, you're surfing. what happened? the current got so strong that you couldn't fight against it anymore? >> really sure that was it. i wasn't in any trouble to start with. i'd been out past the ends of
8:37 am
the jetty. i found for the first time in 40 years that that beach i physically couldn't get back to the beach. >> you're paddling like crazy, not moving an inch. >> not an inch. >> then you decide to go out. did you think, okay if i get out there and somebody might come by somebody's going to see me. something good is going to happen if i go out. >> well believe it or not, even before then, i was trying to catch somebody's attention. there's no fishermen on the end of the jetties, no boats coming up the channel. >> normally on a day like that there'd be people out there. >> a lot of things that shouldn't have happened went against me. but by about 4:00 that afternoon, i pretty much gave up on somebody helping me or getting back to the beach. >> so out you go. you're out there paddling along, paddling a long. you kept up a certain pace because you knew you might be susceptible to hypothermia. >> it's what kills people in the water over time. >> when did you start to worry?
8:38 am
>> i first became concerned about 4:00 in the afternoon because he hadn't called me on his cell phone. and that's not like him. >> yeah. >> but i knew that if he was having a real good time so i head all -- >> might have been the perfect day with the perfect waves. >> exactly. that turns into 6:00 which turns into 8:00 into 10:00. >> what time do you start making phone calls? >> oh a little before 8:00. >> wow, wow. you're out there 10:00 at night. you've got to be completely exhausted. and you say i'm going to try to paddle to this oil rig, right? how long did it take you to get from there? >> when i was originally about a mile and a half off the beach, about 4:00 in the afternoon, that was when i started paddling. when 10:00 rolled around, i'd been paddling for six hours. but at that time i saw the rig. i knew this is where i needed to be. i adjusted my heading to drift down on it. and i estimated it was about four or five miles away at that time and that's when i picked up
8:39 am
the pace. because the hyperothermia's sitting in. >> you get there, you get ahold of the ladder, almost too exhausted to even climb up you get inside. and what was the reaction of the guys inside the rig? >> well because it's 2:00 in the morning, they're on sleep shift. i don't blame them. so all of the lights in the little room there were off except little desk light. so i started looking around for a light switch. the first switch i find is on the wall. it's hooked up to the sink garbage disposal. >> freaked them out big time. >> they thought they were being invaded by aliens. >> they had a cell phone to call your wife. how happy were you to hear his voice? >> you can imagine how happy i was. i had never given up hope. and i was -- of course at this time i'd been at the beach for about four hours. >> looking around. >> you have people you want to thank? because coast guard was out looking for you. >> i would. there were people out there trying to help me that i wasn't
8:40 am
aware of. but the coast guard sent out a helicopter, i'm sure sometime after midnight. but, you know, it's very dangerous for them to be out there in that situation. they're offshore in fairly bad conditions. but there were lieutenants kagel and gully on the helicopter themselves and they were out there for several hours looking for me. they just didn't know where to look. >> well your training really paid off. >> i'm very lucky to be here. >> good story. nice to see you both. terrific. all week we've been featuring stephen wiltshire on our memory series. we invited the artist to draw a panorama of new york city 20 feet long completely from memory. he began this on saturday beginning with a northern tip of manhattan and now working his way down to the financial district. and stephen joins us from
8:41 am
brooklyn along with cbs news correspondent kelly wallace. they are there. we're going to watch them and see the progress right after this commercial break. keep it right here. you're watching "the early show." the world could use a little more space by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you more room on the highways because the world could use a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves.
8:42 am
8:43 am
before we get to "ask it early" with jennifer ashton. i think that the weather's wreaking havoc on our signal so we're having trouble getting ahold of the artist stephen wiltshire in brooklyn. but now we want to turn to dr. ashton who is back to answer your medical questions this morning. >> good morning. >> we get more questions than we can use. let's get right to the first one. we have gary from new jersey on his web cam and he has a question for you. good morning, go ahead. >> hey, good morning. acid reflux prescription drugs are really really expensive. and i was wondering if the over the counter drugs are as effective because they're much less expensive. >> gary that's such a good
8:44 am
question. they are really expensive, especially the ones like nexium. but a couple of really important things about reflux. first of all effects 1 in 5 americans, you're not alone. this is heart burn and it can cause damage actually to the esophagus. so if you're having just mild symptoms that occur occasionally yes, over the counter medications like pepcid are usually fine. of course you should always check with just your regular primary care doctor. if you have persistent or severe symptoms, especially that don't respond to the over the counter medications, then it's probably not a bad idea to see a gi specialist who can really then kind of take it to the next level in terms of treatment. but you're right, they are really expensive. >> great. thank you. >> and if there's a generic version of pepcid is that okay? >> well that's the over the counter one, but nexium they don't necessarily come generic and you don't want to make a big drug choice without checking with your doctor.
8:45 am
if they want you on the expensive ones you should probably stay on them. >> a lot of people have been asking this for months and months and months. this one is from our twitter page. wondering this. if the h1n1 hysteria has been blown out of proportion because many, many people die from the common flu every year. >> that's right. he knows his facts which is about 36,000 americans die every year from seasonal flu. to put another context or perspective to it 45,000 americans die every year in car accidents. now, in medicine we always have to plan for a worst-case scenario and hope for the best. we won't know if we've blown the h1n1 pandemic out of proportion until maybe this time next year. but for the 1,000 americans who have had a death in their family due to swine flu or h1n1 they probably don't think it's been blown out of proportion. so it's all about the perspective you have. >> let's get another viewer question in on skype from
8:46 am
minnesota is becky. good morning, becky. go ahead. >> good morning. hi dr. ashton. my question is i have been a vegetarian for 18 years. i am now 3 1/2 months pregnant and concerned about protein intake. i know it's very important. and i'm wondering if i can be a successful vegetarian and have a healthy baby and what i need to be watching for. >> i want to say that dr. ashton is an obgyn, becky. you're asking her the perfect question. >> that's right. and congratulations, becky. first of all, yes, absolutely you can continue to be a vegetarian and grow a perfectly healthy baby. you need about 60 grams of protein intake a day and you probably know you can get that from things like peanut butter and tofu you don't have to eat animal protein, but you do want to be careful. and also as a vegetarian you can have deficiencies in b-12 and zinc. congratulations.
8:47 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i know your wife nicole's pregnant, how is she coming along, jeff? >> she's coming along. >> the launching pad. >> no but she's been very conscious of what she's been eating as well. she didn't have any weird cravings, actually throughout the whole thing. >> you did, though. >> a little bit of a sweet tooth. >> she's calm cool and collected. but i cannot wait. >> three weeks. it's a boy, right? >> it's a boy. >> you're still not going to tell us the name? >> i'm not. >> from the department of -- damned if you do and damned if you don't. the obama children have been vaccinated for h1n1. they're trying to send a message that it's probably a good idea to get your kids vaccinated and then there's a backlash -- >> first of all we don't know they confidential medical
8:48 am
history. the other thing is, don't forget that children can be vectors or spread the virus to adults. we don't want the girls to get sick but we certainly don't want the president to get sick. >> but they said that both michelle and president obama are going to wait because they're not in the -- >> high risk -- >> but they're taking care of their high-risk daughters. >> thank you, doctor. if you have any questions for our dr. ashton log on you can also link to her twitter page. all right. we'll take it from here. this morning on our food allergy series celiac disease, which effects at least 3 million americans. i say at least because a lot of people still undiagnosed. they still don't understand a lot about this disease. my mom has it as well which is why it's so near and dear to my heart. these are people who can't ingest gluten a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. here with some great recipes is
8:49 am
rob lan doll my. >> well actually my wife became very ill around 1997 had hair loss rashes all over her body led to reproductive system shutdown completely. we finally diagnosed it the year 2000, she went on a gluten-free diet for two years it took for her body to completely heal itself. and in 2004 we gave birth to our first son, joseph anthony. >> congratulations to you. all right. so we're going to provide you with more tips on celiac on the web page. but first let's talk about what you need to avoid and what you can have with a gluten-free diet. >> a lot of people they have to give up onion rings, pies pizza crusts -- not true. you have to learn to use some of the gluten free flours, and some of the starches tapioca starch, corn starch. >> can it taste the same? can it taste good? >> it can. this is what we're going to do. onion rings.
8:50 am
what i tell people chile power der, if you want to overseason. a little bit of salt a little bit of egg. that's going to hold this all together for us. and gluten free beer. tell your mother about this. >> now that mom can get beer, we're happy again. >> that's right. >> great. so this will whip up with the consistency that a regular flour-based -- >> exactly. the eggs is what's going to help this. there's no gluten in here. >> of course. >> so the eggs are going to help bind and make our batter stick to the onions themselves. this batter can actually be used for shrimp, clams, anything like that. save some for me. we want to mix that up. >> maybe this segment can be a half an hour. >> there's about six or seven gluten-free beers out there on the market. >> let's show this consistency for one second. it's a nice batter right? it's a beautiful batter. >> beautiful batter.
8:51 am
pour onions in there. >> boom. we're going to -- >> right into the oil. >> and right into our pot of oil. let's talk about cross contamination, for a second. can we? this is an allergy, so people can have -- >> it's actually an autoimmune disorder but we look at it as an allergy. it's easier in the restaurants to approach it that way. cross-contamination is an issue. the best thing if you're in a restaurant, get the manager involved. say i have celiac disease, i can't have wheat, gluten et cetera. he'll make sure you have a good meal. make sure you're getting fresh pans check the salad dressings et cetera. better to be safe than sorry. >> buttermilk. >> it's going to go right up. you've got a little bit of white rice flour, that's a little bit of sweet different from white rice. really starchy. >> potato starch. a lot of breads use. >> starches are going to hold it
8:52 am
together. what you've got right there is a little bit of baking powder zanthum gum. >> a little bit of this little bit of that. >> a little bit of shortening there and butter first. put that in first and you're going to want to cut that in. >> we've got a minute left as we make our -- >> these look great. >> -- our dough here and take out our onion rings. we're chopping that up. >> go right over there with your buttermilk. >> nice consistent thick milk. >> and use your wooden spoon there. >> i'm going to stir that up and this is what we wind up getting. >> actually no, this is pizza dough. it's actually a dough, it's not a batter. >> well you mixed this up you form it. >> then you take your ice cream scoop like so. >> come on in, guys. >> and put it on your pan, bake it at 325 degrees for 12 or 13 minutes. >> and you wind up with -- >> these flakey hot buttermilk
8:53 am
biscuits. beautiful, delicious. i've got some butter and honey to go with them. >> it's so important. thank you for all of these great recipes. and for tips on cooking without gluten, >> great.
8:54 am
8:55 am
it's kind of misty outside. and take a look at this, i
8:56 am
think for much of the day, steady rain appears to be here for the most part out of the baltimore metro area and annapolis, d.c. area. we'll look at the forecast. kind of cloudy skies and i don't want to paint a great picture here. 64 is the high and tonight, we'll continue with the fog and a few showers and 51. tomorrow, clouds and fog. 64 degrees and that's the high, don. thousands of marylanders can be able to get their h1n1 vaccination. a new shipment is arriving today. thousands have turned out for the vaccine clinics all over the state. many vaccinations will continue today. today-- and tomorrow. >> the governor isn't backing down from endorsing the deal for consolation energy.
8:57 am
he'll support the deal if bge customers are getting a create. they're trying to sell off the business to a french company. bge is getting a boost to install smart meters to help customers save on energy bills. they received a grant to modernize the power system. customers can reduce the demand up to 37%. and baltimore city police arrested a man who dragged an officer from a speeding car. he dragged an officer while trying to escape arrest. the officer was caught up in the car and his body armor saved him. a school was defaced with racial graffiti. they made the discovery tuesday morning. they covered up the slurs with
8:58 am
construction paper and they're working with the city and area police. and maryland is moving with raven's fever. air tran day brewed a new ravenss 1 aircraft. they're favored to beat the broncos this sunday. and they're back on wjz. you can see the sunday afternoon game at 1:00. and after wards, stick around for the wjz post game show with mark viviano. he'll have the highlights and reaction and then, it's the air tran football talk.
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